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What Rights Does A Copyright Give You In Turkey?



Copyright means that no one may appropriate the copyright owner's exclusive right to reproduce, distribute, perform, or display a work without permission from the author unless the right has been transferred to the user or the person who authorizes or licenses this particular use, or an exemption covers the use in question.

The very first copyright law protected maps, charts, and books for a basic term of 14 years. Since 1790 the copyright law has evolved to include musical works, dramatic works, photographs, paintings, and other works of art, motion pictures, and sound recordings. It also lasts for the the life of the author plus seventy years.


What cannot be protected by industrial design rights In Turkey?


Designs that are generally barred from registration in many territories include:

• designs that do not meet the requirements of novelty, originality and/or individual character;

• designs that are considered to be dictated exclusively by the technical function of a product; such technical or functional design features may be protected, depending on the facts of each case, by other IP rights (e.g. patents, utility models or trade secrets);

• designs incorporating protected official symbols or emblems (such as the national flag);

• designs which are considered to be contrary to public order or morality.

Some countries exclude handicrafts from design protection, as industrial design law in these countries requires that the product to which an industrial design is applied is “an article of manufacture” or that it can be replicated by “industrial means”.


What are the requirements for validation of a European Patent in Turkey?


In order to validate a European patent in Turkey, the Turkish translation of the European Patent Specification must be filed with the Turkish Patent Institute within 3 months after the date on which the mention of the grant or the decision to maintain the patent as amended is published in the European Patent Bulletin.

Bibliographical data of the published European patent as well as the complete Turkish translation of the European Patent are required for a national validation in Turkey.




Zeugma is an ancient city of Commagene; currently located in the Gaziantep Province of Turkey. It is a historical settlement which is considered among the four most important settlement areas under the reign of the kingdom of Commagene. It was named for the bridge of boats, or zeugma, which crossed the Euphrates there. The ancient city of Zeugma was originally founded as a Greek settlement bySeleucus I Nicator, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. King Seleucus almost certainly named the city Seleucia after himself; whether this city is, or can be, the city known as Seleucia on the Euphrates or Seleucia at the Zeugma is disputed.

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